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Get ahead of your competitors by implementing visually appealing solutions. Our graphic design services will assist you in crafting a powerful brand identity that resonates with your intended audience and leaves a lasting impression.


Enhance your business image and make it look more professional and trustworthy.

Set your business apart from the competition with a unique and innovative design.

Increase your brand recognition by having a memorable design that's easy to recognize.

Get your logo to show in different mediums and platforms by implementing different formats and sizes.


stage one

Design Brief

During this phase the goal is to understand the goals of the design as well as the mission and vision of the company. We’ll be sending out a questionnaire that will help us with getting to know the company, the target audience the company is wanting to reach (to make sure the final design is appropriate), getting to know what sets this company apart from its competitors, what is unique to it; all to make sure we create a unique visual representation. Once the answers are received, we’ll provide a design brief that summarizes the information collected, as well as a tentative schedule for the remaining stages of the design.

stage two


This section includes diving deeper into what works with the current design, what is needed that’s not already there, and really understanding the needs of the company. During this process, we’ll also look at what is standard in the industry, compile inspiration from already existing concepts. We’ll gather information about the business culture, get insight from testimonials, and finding references or current trends.

stage three

Creating Logo Concepts

Based on all the information compiled from stages one and two, multiple (usually 3-5) concepts will be sketched and put into the development phase.  These will first be presented black and white, and once narrowed down, 1-2 concepts will go through the phase of color solutions.

stage four


A presentation with all the steps of phase three will be given to the client(s). At this time all feedback is welcome. This feedback will be applied to the design and will then, be prepared for final delivery.

stage five


During this phase, the design will be provided in all the format, shapes, and sizes needed.


Starting at $250 

Design Brief


Logo Concept Creation



14 Day Turnaround Time From Evaluation

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